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Dynamic Development

As the leading manufacturer of sectional doors and aluminium profile systems in Eastern Europe the Alutech Group is showing exponential growth.

In domestic and industrial settings sectional doors have become a convenient, reliable and most effective type of door solution. They can be integrated into any kind of doorway and architecture and do not require much space on the inside or outside.

In less than 20 years the Belarus-based ALUTECH Group has grown into a leading production and sales holding, whose vigorous growth was accompanied by a qualitative expansion: the mastering of new product lines, introduction of innovative technologies, and advancement of the ALUTECH products.

The group makes profiles, components and accessories for roller shutters, doors and grills, garage and industrial sectional doors of various types, aluminum window sills as well as supplementary accessories and extruded aluminum profiles and profile systems. The group also acts as a wholesale distributor of electric motors and automatic control sys- tems for roller shutter systems manufactured by Somfy, Nice and Sketch.

Starting out with 6 employees in 1996, the company initially purchased parts from west-European companies, but soon decided to develop in-house production and to change the strategy to a focused b2b holding development. Today the ALUTECH Group includes six manufacturing enter- prises and over twenty sales subsidiaries in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. The company has over 3000 employees and does business in more than 40 countries of EMEA region.

Overview of the group’s companies

The central management and the four main production locations are concen- trated in Belarus: Alutech Incorporated produces roll-formed profiles and roller shutter systems accessories, currently the annual production there exceeds 150 mil- lion running meters.

Doors are produced at Alutech Door Systems, in the shape of garage and indus- trial sectional doors; sandwich-panels for sectional doors and also steel guide profiles, brackets, joint plates and other accessories.

Alumin Techno is one of the group’s flagships. As one of the biggest plants in eastern Europe, it specializes in the full pro- duction cycle of extruded aluminium profiles, polymeric coating and anodising.

The Alstrong operation specializes in production from aluminium alloys through high-pressure casting of aluminium alloys and polymeric coating of aluminium casting and profiles.

Two more enterprises that manufacture roller shutters and doors are located in Rus- sia and Ukraine, and land has already been acquired for two more plants.

Quality standards

All the plants of the ALUTECH Group are equipped with high-tech machinery from leading European manufacturers. The quality management system is certified to International standard ISO 9001 in TUV CERT system. The quality of ALUTECH aluminium extruded profiles coating is approved by Swiss certifi- cates such as Qualicoat/Seaside, Qualanod, and ALUTECH roller shutters comply with the requirements EN 13659:2004.

ALUTECH roller shutters’ coil coating is supplied by BASF Coatings GmbH (Germany) and AkzoNobel (Sweden). To this end, a new coil coating facility has just been started up in Minsk with technical support from BASF. It is primarily designed to coat aluminium for the production of roller shutter slats and boses, but there are also plans to coat steel coils for other applications in the future.

New products for demanding applications

“At the moment the most complex and promising products are aluminium profile systems for facades, windows, doors and office partitions. Our range of solutions based on aluminium profile systems can bring to life practically any project.” mar- keting director Mr Rybakov explains.

“Our systems are in demand for a range of high-rise buildings. A construction mounted on a building 100-150 m high is extremely complex and requires a high level of calcula- tions in thermal physics, wind- and fire- resistance and seismic stability. We are proud that the share of complex façade and interior systems today makes up 80 per cent of the whole extruded profile production”

ALUTECH complies with market trends and energy saving: In 2010 a window frame system with better heat engineering ALT W72 was introduced, in 2011 came a new energy effective filling in the façade system ALT F50 and new options were offered for “Aquaparks”, and in 2012 an actuator access for smoke removal with a gear over 1,0 (m2°C)/Vt) was brought to market. This year sees the launch of the new structured glazing ALT F50 SG with double-chamber glass units and an integrated window of the “hidden flap” type with better heat engineering features of ALT EF65.

“The level of technological processes real- ized at our enterprises dictates also the choice of suppliers.” Mr Mr Rybakov adds. “When producing roller shutter systems we use raw materials from leading European companies. For the production of profile systems we use aluminium from the world wide known com- pany RUSAL.”

Trade Fairs

ALUTECH is a regular exhibitor at the biggest specialized exhibitions in the CIS countries such as BUILDEX (Moscow) (St-Petersburg), SibBUILD (Novosibirsk), YugBUILD (Kras- nodar), «MosBuild» (Moscow) and others.

“Last year we took part in the biggest in West Europe specialized exhibition R+T (Germany, Stuttgart), and in 2013 we will present our products at GlassBuildAmerica in Alanta, USA. Also we plan to take part in the biggest Middle East construction exhibition Big Five which will take place in the UAE. We have also preparing for the German R+T in 2015 with a total stand area of about 1000 m2.”

“We have many goals to achieve in the near future.” Mr Mr Rybakov says. “Right now we are completing the second line of the extrusion plant AluminTechno, and the manufacturing facility for door accessories - with a floorspace of 50 000 m². This will bring capacity up to 220-240 000 doors per year, which would make us the leader in European door produc- tion within three-four years.”

Alongside dynamic development, entering new markets and broadening production and supply geography, the group knows that personal relationships are extremely important in business. The major principle: “ALUTECH is the ethics of system business, esthetics of system quality” was formulated and remains a motto of the whole Group of companies; it is reflected in areas such as environment protection, product release, relationships with partners, personnel policy and charity works.